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Anime Market Value is Forecasted to Reach US$ 48.3 Billion by 2030

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The anime market was exceeded US$ 22.6 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach US$ 48.3 billion by 2030, expanding at an annual CAGR of 7.9 percent, according to a 2021 study by Precedence Research, the Canada-based market Insight Company. The report contains 150+ pages with detailed analysis.

The base year for the study has been considered 2021, the historic year 2017 to 2020, the forecast period considered is from 2021 to 2030. The dairy products market is analyzed on the basis of value (US$ Million), volume (Unit), and price (US$/Unit).

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Anime is created with using hand-drawn pictures and computer animations. Anime originated in Japan and hence it is also called Japanimation. The anime gained immense popularity in Japan and it gradually gained rapid traction across the global markets. The rapid popularity of the anime attracted heavy investments and technological advancements in the anime market. The emergence of numerous production studios, anime creators, and artists significantly fostered the growth and development of the market across the globe. The consistent development and distribution of various anime characters and shows also created a positive impact on the market. The anime market generates a huge amount of revenues from the overseas sales.

The rapid growth of the anime shows in the North America and Europe has exponential contributions in the revenue generation. Moreover, the market is driven by the merchandising and the growing penetration of online video streaming platforms. Merchandising is the most profitable segment of the anime market. Further, the online distribution is expected to contribute significantly towards the revenue generation in the foreseeable future. The conventional TV distribution is also a prominent type in the market that has the most significant role in popularizing the anime shows among the millennials in the Asia Pacific nations. Now, the internet distribution has taken over the anime market and will play a crucial role in the growth of the global anime market.

Competition Landscape

In the final section of the research report, Precedence Research provided the global anime market structure and a detailed competition landscape to provide a dashboard view of key players operating in the anime market along with their business strategies to report audiences. This section is primarily designed to provide clients with an objective and detailed comparative assessment of the key providers specific to a market segment in the value chain of the market.

Some of the major players in the anime market include:

  • Kyoto Animation Co. Ltd
  • P.A.Works, Inc.
  • Production I.G.
  • Toei Animation Co. Ltd.
  • ManglobeInc.
  • Pierrot Co. Ltd
  • Madhouse Inc.
  • Bones Inc.
  • Studio Ghibli, Inc.
  • Sunrise, Inc.

Crucial factors accountable for market growth are:

  • Technological advancements in the anime industry
  • Rising penetration of OTT platforms
  • Introduction of virtual reality (VR)
  • Improvement in the standard of living
  • Huge population of youth and children
  • Rise in disposable income
  • Rising number of anime creators
  • Strategic partnerships between the developers and online streaming platforms
  • Growing merchandising activities across the globe

Report Highlights

  • By Type, the merchandising segment was the dominant segment in 2020. The increasing number of partnerships between the consumer product manufacturers and the anime creators to launch numerous products for the merchandising segment has significantly boosted the market growth. The internet distribution is expected to be the fastest-growing segment owing to the rising penetration of various OTT platforms across the globe.

Market Dynamics

Drivers – The growing popularity of media shows and rising consumer expenditure on online shows is expected to drive the global anime market during the forecast period. The growing number of anime production houses and film creators are also augmenting the anime market growth.

Restraints – The lack of efficient artists due to the insufficient payments to the anime artists is a potential threat and a major restraining factor that may hamper the growth of the global anime market during the forecast period.

Opportunities – The Asia Pacific is a growing market which shows a lot of revenue generation opportunities owing to the presence of huge number of children in the region. This is a major opportunity for growth in the market.

Challenges – The availability of unauthorized online streamers of anime shows are the major challenge to the industry players as these unauthorized streaming platforms results in financial losses to the original creators.

Regional Snapshots

Asia Pacific dominated the global anime market and it is expected to retain its position. This is mainly attributable to the dominant market share of Japan in the global anime industry. Japan is the home to the numerous anime creators and production studios. Further, China is also focusing on its anime industry and is planning to introduce some regulations regarding its anime industry. The anime market in China is expected to grow rapidly. Further, rising disposable income, improvement in the living standards of the people, rising adoption of smart devices, and rapid penetration of internet has significantly fueled the consumption of anime contents in the recent years in the Asia Pacific.

The Middle East is expected to be the fastest-growing region throughout the forecast period. This is due to the growing popularity of the anime shows and a rise in the fan-following among the viewers. Further, the presence of various popular convention centers is positively boosting the growth of the anime market in the region. Further the higher adoption rate of advanced technologies like VR in the region is expected to propel the market growth during the forecast period.

Market Segmentation

By Service

  • T.V
  • Movie
  • Video
  • Internet Distribution
  • Merchandising
  • Music
  • Pachinko
  • Live Entertainment

Regional Segmentation

– North America (U.S. and Canada)

 – Europe (Germany, France, U.K., Italy, Spain, Rest of Europe)

 – Asia-Pacific (China, Japan, India, Southeast Asia and Rest of APAC)

 – Latin America (Brazil and Rest of Latin America)

– Middle East and Africa (GCC, North Africa, South Africa, Rest of MEA)

Research Methodology

Secondary Research

It involves company databases such as Hoover’s: This assists us recognize financial information, structure of the market participants and industry competitive landscape.

The secondary research sources referred in the process are as follows:

  • Governmental bodies, and organizations creating economic policies
  • National and international social welfare institutions
  • Company websites, financial reports and SEC filings, broker and investor reports
  • Related patent and regulatory databases
  • Statistical databases and market reports
  • Corporate Presentations, news, press release, and specification sheet of Manufacturers

Primary Research

Primary research includes face-to face interviews, online surveys, and telephonic interviews.

  • Means of primary research: Email interactions, telephonic discussions and Questionnaire based research etc.
  • In order to validate our research findings and analysis we conduct primary interviews of key industry participants. Insights from primary respondents help in validating the secondary research findings. It also develops Research Team’s expertise and market understanding.

Most Asked Questions –

  • What was the market size value of the anime in 2020?
  • What is the expected market size by 2030?
  • What is the anime market growth?
  • What are the key factors that positively influence market growth?
  • Who are the prominent players in the anime market?

Why should you invest in this report?

If you are aiming to enter the global anime market, this report is a comprehensive guide that provides crystal clear insights into this niche market. All the major application areas for anime are covered in this report and information is given on the important regions of the world where this market is likely to boom during the forecast period of 2021-2030, so that you can plan your strategies to enter this market accordingly.

Besides, through this report, you can have a complete grasp of the level of competition you will be facing in this hugely competitive market and if you are an established player in this market already, this report will help you gauge the strategies that your competitors have adopted to stay as market leaders in this market. For new entrants to this market, the voluminous data provided in this report is invaluable.

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Chapter 1. Introduction

1.1. Research Objective

1.2. Scope of the Study

1.3. Definition

Chapter 2. Research Methodology

2.1. Research Approach

2.2. Data Sources

2.3. Assumptions & Limitations

Chapter 3. Executive Summary

3.1. Market Snapshot

Chapter 4. Market Variables and Scope 

4.1. Introduction

4.2. Market Classification and Scope

4.3. Industry Value Chain Analysis

4.3.1. Raw Material Procurement Analysis

4.3.2. Sales and Distribution Channel Analysis

4.3.3. Downstream Buyer Analysis

Chapter 5. Market Dynamics Analysis and Trends

5.1. Market Dynamics

5.1.1. Market Drivers

5.1.2. Market Restraints

5.1.3. Market Opportunities

5.2. Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

5.2.1. Bargaining power of suppliers

5.2.2. Bargaining power of buyers

5.2.3. Threat of substitute

5.2.4. Threat of new entrants

5.2.5. Degree of competition

Chapter 6. Competitive Landscape

6.1.1. Company Market Share/Positioning Analysis

6.1.2. Key Strategies Adopted by Players

6.1.3. Vendor Landscape List of Suppliers List of Buyers

Chapter 7. Global Anime Market, By Service

7.1. Anime Market, by Service Type, 2020-2027

7.1.1. T.V Market Revenue and Forecast (2019-2030)

7.1.2. Movie Market Revenue and Forecast (2019-2030)

7.1.3. Video Market Revenue and Forecast (2019-2030)

7.1.4. Internet Distribution Market Revenue and Forecast (2019-2030)

7.1.5. Merchandising Market Revenue and Forecast (2019-2030)

7.1.6. Music Market Revenue and Forecast (2019-2030)

7.1.7. Pachinko Market Revenue and Forecast (2019-2030)

7.1.8. Live Entertainment Market Revenue and Forecast (2019-2030)

Chapter 8. Global Anime Market, Regional Estimates and Trend Forecast

8.1. North America

8.1.1. Market Revenue and Forecast, by Service (2019-2030)

8.1.2. U.S.

8.1.3. Rest of North America Market Revenue and Forecast, by Service (2019-2030)

8.2. Europe

8.2.1. Market Revenue and Forecast, by Service (2019-2030)

8.2.2. UK Market Revenue and Forecast, by Service (2019-2030)

8.2.3. France Market Revenue and Forecast, by Service (2019-2030)

8.2.4. Rest of Europe Market Revenue and Forecast, by Service (2019-2030)

8.3. APAC

8.3.1. Market Revenue and Forecast, by Service (2019-2030)

8.3.2. India Market Revenue and Forecast, by Service (2019-2030)

8.3.3. China Market Revenue and Forecast, by Service (2019-2030)

8.3.4. Japan Market Revenue and Forecast, by Service (2019-2030)

8.3.5. Rest of APAC Market Revenue and Forecast, by Service (2019-2030)

8.4. MEA

8.4.1. Market Revenue and Forecast, by Service (2019-2030)

8.4.2. GCC Market Revenue and Forecast, by Service (2019-2030)

8.4.3. North Africa Market Revenue and Forecast, by Service (2019-2030)

8.4.4. South Africa Market Revenue and Forecast, by Service (2019-2030)

8.4.5. Rest of MEA Market Revenue and Forecast, by Service (2019-2030)

8.5. Latin America

8.5.1. Market Revenue and Forecast, by Service (2019-2030)

8.5.2. Brazil Market Revenue and Forecast, by Service (2019-2030)

8.5.3. Rest of LATAM Market Revenue and Forecast, by Service (2019-2030)

Chapter 9. Company Profiles

9.1. Kyoto Animation Co. Ltd

9.1.1. Company Overview

9.1.2. Product Offerings

9.1.3. Financial Performance

9.1.4. Recent Initiatives

9.2. P.A.Works, Inc.

9.2.1. Company Overview

9.2.2. Product Offerings

9.2.3. Financial Performance

9.2.4. Recent Initiatives

9.3. Production I.G.

9.3.1. Company Overview

9.3.2. Product Offerings

9.3.3. Financial Performance

9.3.4. Recent Initiatives

9.4. Toei Animation Co. Ltd.

9.4.1. Company Overview

9.4.2. Product Offerings

9.4.3. Financial Performance

9.4.4. Recent Initiatives

9.5. ManglobeInc.

9.5.1. Company Overview

9.5.2. Product Offerings

9.5.3. Financial Performance

9.5.4. Recent Initiatives

9.6. Pierrot Co. Ltd

9.6.1. Company Overview

9.6.2. Product Offerings

9.6.3. Financial Performance

9.6.4. Recent Initiatives

9.7. Madhouse Inc.

9.7.1. Company Overview

9.7.2. Product Offerings

9.7.3. Financial Performance

9.7.4. Recent Initiatives

9.8. Bones Inc.

9.8.1. Company Overview

9.8.2. Product Offerings

9.8.3. Financial Performance

9.8.4. Recent Initiatives

9.9. Studio Ghibli, Inc.

9.9.1. Company Overview

9.9.2. Product Offerings

9.9.3. Financial Performance

9.9.4. Recent Initiatives

9.10. Sunrise, Inc.

9.10.1. Company Overview

9.10.2. Product Offerings

9.10.3. Financial Performance

9.10.4. Recent Initiatives


Chapter 10. Research Methodology

10.1. Primary Research

10.2. Secondary Research

10.3. Assumptions

Chapter 11. Appendix

11.1. About Us

11.2. Glossary of Terms

Thanks for reading you can also get individual chapter-wise sections or region-wise report versions such as North America, Europe, or the Asia Pacific.

Purchase Full Research Report (Single User License US$ 4500) @ https://www.precedenceresearch.com/checkout/1306

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