Intelligent Transportation System Market Estimated to Cross US$ 48,936.1 Mn by 2030

The worldwide Intelligent Transportation System market measurement is anticipated to achieve USD 48,936.1 million by 2030 and is anticipated to increase at a CAGR of 9.0% from 2021 to 2030.

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Growth Factors

 The growing demand for traffic control solutions, the rising demand for smart vehicles integrated with the latest telecommunications technology, and the improved safety and surveillance offered by modern cameras and License Plate Recognitions (LPRs) are expected to drive the growth of the market. The growing number of vehicles on road, aging infrastructure, and a looming lack of traffic data management are some of the other factors that are anticipated to contribute to the growth of the market. The eminent need to efficiently manage the traffic flow across city corridors and highways has triggered the need for an alternative traffic management technology. As such, transportation authorities are looking forward to utilizing innovative and advanced data analytics technologies to address the issue of growing traffic.

Report Coverage

Report Scope Details
Market Size USD 48,936.1 million by 2030
Growth Rate CAGR of 9.0% From 2021 to 2030
Base Year 2020
Historic Data 2017 to 2020
Forecast Period 2021 to 2030
Segments Covered Type, Application
Regional Scope North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East & Africa
Companies Mentioned Addco; Agero, Inc.; DENSO CORPORATION; EFKON GmbH; Hitachi, Ltd.; Garmin Ltd.; Thales Group; Xerox Corporation; Recardo; Sensys Networks, Inc.; Telenav, Inc.; Iteris, Inc.; Kapsch TrafficCom; Lanner; Nuance Communications, Inc.; Q-Free ASA; Siemens AG; TomTom International BV; TransCore.

Report Highlights

 The Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) segment accounted for a market share of over 32% in 2020. Solutions offered by the key market players can combine data processing technology with sensing and telecommunications technologies to ensure real-time management of transportation networks and share the information gathered and processed with drivers and travelers.

The Advanced Public Transportation System (APTS) segment is anticipated to register considerable growth over the forecast period. APTS provides enhanced visibility into the overall timeliness of buses and trains. As several individuals avail public transportation facilities, any aggressive investments in real-time information systems can potentially help in sharing real-time information about the buses and trains with commuters.

The traffic management segment accounted for the largest market share of over 33% in 2020. Traffic management systems enhance the reliability and operational performance of road networks. These systems may typically include vehicle detection systems, bridge traffic management systems, and ramp metering systems, among other systems.

On the other hand, the growth of the automotive telematics segment can be attributed to the initiatives being pursued by government bodies for ensuring safety and security on roads. Dynamic displays and navigation systems can potentially help in operating road networks flexibly and reducing travel time.

North America dominated the global market in 2020 with a market share of over 45%. The region is considered a technology hub for the development and aggressive implementation of the latest, advanced technologies, such as machine learning, big data, cloud computing, and IoT.

Key Players

  • Addco
  • Agero, Inc.
  • EFKON GmbH
  • Hitachi, Ltd.
  • Garmin Ltd.
  • Thales Group
  • Xerox Corporation
  • Recardo
  • Sensys Networks, Inc.
  • Telenav, Inc.
  • Iteris, Inc.
  • Kapsch TrafficCom
  • Lanner
  • Nuance Communications, Inc.
  • Q-Free ASA
  • Siemens AG
  • TomTom International BV
  • TransCore

Market Segmentation

  • Type
    • Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS)
    • Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS)
    • Advanced Transportation Pricing System (ATPS)
    • Advanced Public Transportation System (APTS)
    • Emergency Medical System (EMS)
  • Application
    • Traffic Management
    • Road Safety and Security
    • Freight Management
    • Public Transport
    • Environment Protection
    • Automotive Telematics
    • Parking Management
    • Road Tolling Systems
  • Regional
    • North America
      • U.S.
      • Canada
      • Mexico
    • Europe
      • Germany
      • U.K.
      • France
    • Asia Pacific
      • China
      • India
      • Japan
      • South Korea
    • South America
      • Brazil
      • Argentina
    • MEA
      • UAE
      • KSA

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– Market segmentation analysis including qualitative and quantitative research incorporating the impact of economic and policy aspects
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– Market value USD Million and volume Units Million data for each segment and sub-segment
– Competitive landscape involving the market share of major players, along with the new projects and strategies adopted by players in the past five years
– Comprehensive company profiles covering the product offerings, key financial information, recent developments, SWOT analysis, and strategies employed by the major market players

Table of Contents

Chapter 1.  Introduction

1.1.  Research Objective

1.2.  Scope of the Study

1.3.  Definition

Chapter 2.  Research Methodology

2.1.  Research Approach

2.2.  Data Sources

2.3.  Assumptions & Limitations

Chapter 3.  Executive Summary

3.1.  Market Snapshot

Chapter 4.  Market Variables and Scope

4.1.  Introduction

4.2.  Market Classification and Scope

4.3.  Industry Value Chain Analysis

4.3.1.    Raw Material Procurement Analysis

4.3.2.    Sales and Distribution Channel Analysis

4.3.3.    Downstream Buyer Analysis

Chapter 5.  Market Dynamics Analysis and Trends

5.1.  Market Dynamics

5.1.1.    Market Drivers

5.1.2.    Market Restraints

5.1.3.    Market Opportunities

5.2.  Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

5.2.1.    Bargaining power of suppliers

5.2.2.    Bargaining power of buyers

5.2.3.    Threat of substitute

5.2.4.    Threat of new entrants

5.2.5.    Degree of competition

Chapter 6.  Competitive Landscape

6.1.1.    Company Market Share/Positioning Analysis

6.1.2.    Key Strategies Adopted by Players

6.1.3.    Vendor Landscape        List of Suppliers        List of Buyers

Chapter 7.  Global Intelligent Transportation System Market, By Type

7.1.  Intelligent Transportation System Market, by Type, 2021-2030

7.1.1.    Advanced Traveler Information System (ATIS)        Market Revenue and Forecast (2017-2030)

7.1.2.    Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS)        Market Revenue and Forecast (2017-2030)

7.1.3.    Advanced Transportation Pricing System (ATPS)        Market Revenue and Forecast (2017-2030)

7.1.4.    Advanced Public Transportation System (APTS)        Market Revenue and Forecast (2017-2030)

7.1.5.    Emergency Medical System (EMS)        Market Revenue and Forecast (2017-2030)

Chapter 8.  Global Intelligent Transportation System Market, By Application

8.1.  Intelligent Transportation System Market, by Application, 2021-2030

8.1.1.    Traffic Management        Market Revenue and Forecast (2017-2030)

8.1.2.    Road Safety and Security        Market Revenue and Forecast (2017-2030)

8.1.3.    Freight Management        Market Revenue and Forecast (2017-2030)

8.1.4.    Public Transport        Market Revenue and Forecast (2017-2030)

8.1.5.    Environment Protection        Market Revenue and Forecast (2017-2030)

8.1.6.    Automotive Telematics        Market Revenue and Forecast (2017-2030)

8.1.7.    Parking Management        Market Revenue and Forecast (2017-2030)

8.1.8.    Road Tolling Systems        Market Revenue and Forecast (2017-2030)

Chapter 9.  Global Intelligent Transportation System Market, Regional Estimates and Trend Forecast

9.1.  North America

9.1.1.    Market Revenue and Forecast, by Type (2017-2030)

9.1.2.    Market Revenue and Forecast, by Application (2017-2030)

9.1.3.    U.S.        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Type (2017-2030)        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Application (2017-2030)

9.1.4.    Rest of North America        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Type (2017-2030)        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Application (2017-2030)

9.2.  Europe

9.2.1.    Market Revenue and Forecast, by Type (2017-2030)

9.2.2.    Market Revenue and Forecast, by Application (2017-2030)

9.2.3.    UK        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Type (2017-2030)        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Application (2017-2030)

9.2.4.    Germany        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Type (2017-2030)        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Application (2017-2030)

9.2.5.    France        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Type (2017-2030)        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Application (2017-2030)

9.2.6.    Rest of Europe        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Type (2017-2030)        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Application (2017-2030)

9.3.  APAC

9.3.1.    Market Revenue and Forecast, by Type (2017-2030)

9.3.2.    Market Revenue and Forecast, by Application (2017-2030)

9.3.3.    India        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Type (2017-2030)        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Application (2017-2030)

9.3.4.    China        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Type (2017-2030)        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Application (2017-2030)

9.3.5.    Japan        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Type (2017-2030)        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Application (2017-2030)

9.3.6.    Rest of APAC        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Type (2017-2030)        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Application (2017-2030)

9.4.  MEA

9.4.1.    Market Revenue and Forecast, by Type (2017-2030)

9.4.2.    Market Revenue and Forecast, by Application (2017-2030)

9.4.3.    GCC        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Type (2017-2030)        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Application (2017-2030)

9.4.4.    North Africa        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Type (2017-2030)        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Application (2017-2030)

9.4.5.    South Africa        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Type (2017-2030)        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Application (2017-2030)

9.4.6.    Rest of MEA        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Type (2017-2030)        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Application (2017-2030)

9.5.  Latin America

9.5.1.    Market Revenue and Forecast, by Type (2017-2030)

9.5.2.    Market Revenue and Forecast, by Application (2017-2030)

9.5.3.    Brazil        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Type (2017-2030)        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Application (2017-2030)

9.5.4.    Rest of LATAM        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Type (2017-2030)        Market Revenue and Forecast, by Application (2017-2030)

Chapter 10.  Company Profiles

10.1.              Addco

10.1.1.  Company Overview

10.1.2.  Type Offerings

10.1.3.  Financial Performance

10.1.4.  Recent Initiatives

10.2.              Agero, Inc.

10.2.1.  Company Overview

10.2.2.  Type Offerings

10.2.3.  Financial Performance

10.2.4.  Recent Initiatives

10.3.              DENSO CORPORATION

10.3.1.  Company Overview

10.3.2.  Type Offerings

10.3.3.  Financial Performance

10.3.4.  Recent Initiatives

10.4.              EFKON GmbH

10.4.1.  Company Overview

10.4.2.  Type Offerings

10.4.3.  Financial Performance

10.4.4.  Recent Initiatives

10.5.              Hitachi, Ltd.

10.5.1.  Company Overview

10.5.2.  Type Offerings

10.5.3.  Financial Performance

10.5.4.  Recent Initiatives

10.6.              Garmin Ltd.

10.6.1.  Company Overview

10.6.2.  Type Offerings

10.6.3.  Financial Performance

10.6.4.  Recent Initiatives

10.7.              Thales Group

10.7.1.  Company Overview

10.7.2.  Type Offerings

10.7.3.  Financial Performance

10.7.4.  Recent Initiatives

10.8.              Xerox Corporation

10.8.1.  Company Overview

10.8.2.  Type Offerings

10.8.3.  Financial Performance

10.8.4.  Recent Initiatives

10.9.              Recardo

10.9.1.  Company Overview

10.9.2.  Type Offerings

10.9.3.  Financial Performance

10.9.4.  Recent Initiatives

10.10.           Sensys Networks, Inc.

10.10.1.               Company Overview

10.10.2.               Type Offerings

10.10.3.               Financial Performance

10.10.4.               Recent Initiatives

10.11.           Telenav, Inc.

10.11.1.               Company Overview

10.11.2.               Type Offerings

10.11.3.               Financial Performance

10.11.4.               Recent Initiatives

10.12.           Iteris, Inc.

10.12.1.               Company Overview

10.12.2.               Type Offerings

10.12.3.               Financial Performance

10.12.4.               Recent Initiatives

10.13.           Kapsch TrafficCom

10.13.1.               Company Overview

10.13.2.               Type Offerings

10.13.3.               Financial Performance

10.13.4.               Recent Initiatives

10.14.           Lanner

10.14.1.               Company Overview

10.14.2.               Type Offerings

10.14.3.               Financial Performance

10.14.4.               Recent Initiatives

10.15.           Nuance Communications, Inc.

10.15.1.               Company Overview

10.15.2.               Type Offerings

10.15.3.               Financial Performance

10.15.4.               Recent Initiatives

10.16.           Q-Free ASA

10.16.1.               Company Overview

10.16.2.               Type Offerings

10.16.3.               Financial Performance

10.16.4.               Recent Initiatives

10.17.           Siemens AG

10.17.1.               Company Overview

10.17.2.               Type Offerings

10.17.3.               Financial Performance

10.17.4.               Recent Initiatives

10.18.           TomTom International BV

10.18.1.               Company Overview

10.18.2.               Type Offerings

10.18.3.               Financial Performance

10.18.4.               Recent Initiatives

10.19.           TransCore

10.19.1.               Company Overview

10.19.2.               Type Offerings

10.19.3.               Financial Performance

10.19.4.               Recent Initiatives

Chapter 11.  Research Methodology

11.1.              Primary Research

11.2.              Secondary Research

11.3.              Assumptions

Chapter 12.  Appendix

12.1.              About Us

12.2.              Glossary of Terms

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