Pharmaceutical Cartridges Market Will Hit Growth 7.9% by 2027

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The global pharmaceutical cartridges market size is expected to reach USD 1.95 billion by 2027, and estimated to expand at a CAGR of 7.9% during the forecast period 2020 to 2027.

Glass manufacturers and providers of pharmaceutical injectables in the pharmaceutical cartridges market have been keen on widening the array of their drug delivery systems to expand their footprints. Innovations pivot on the adoption of new technologies, such as multi-pass engineering technologies, and materials sciences. Players in the pharmaceutical cartridges market are leaning on the production of high-quality injectables for wide spectrum of patient populations. They have reaped large revenue prospect from the demand for better drug delivery systems among diabetics, for instance.

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The key trend in the pharmaceutical cartridges market is that the manufacturers are shifting their preference from glass to plastics pharmaceutical cartridges. This is due to the structural issues which occur with the usage of glass for a long period of time. The glass starts degrading from the edges and mixes with the drug solution. Further, glass pharmaceutical cartridges requires higher protection while shipping and usage, due to high chances of breakage f material. Thus, to overcome these issues the global manufacturers started using COC and COP material for manufacturing of pharmaceutical cartridges.

Glass a Preferred Material but Providers of Injectable Solutions Focus on Polymers

Among the various material types used for making pharmaceutical cartridges glass has remained by far the most prominent. Their high hydrolytic resistance and chemical resistivity have benefitted manufacturers in the pharmaceutical cartridges market. Several of them have been successful in unveiling glass pharmaceutical cartridges with excellent dimensional tolerance, bagging compliance with international standards by the FDA. Type 1 borosilicate glass among all types has been a preferred material for manufacturers of glass pharmaceutical cartridges.

However, recent consumer trends in the pharmaceutical cartridges market suggest that the degradation of glass over the years of their use might hamper the injectable drugs integrity. Further, their transportation needs substantial caution. Advances in polymer-based composites have enabled them to utilize different copolymers, thereby expanding the scope of the manufacturers in the pharmaceutical cartridges market. These have catalyzed the demand for plastics pharmaceutical cartridges. On the other hand, manufacturers and developers of pharmaceutical injectables are focusing on improving the surface properties of glass and plastic materials, including glass.

Players in the pharmaceutical cartridges market are aiming at product customization to garner competitive edge over others. A case in point is efforts to advance internal siliconization and shape optimization.

Emerging Markets Evolve on Back of Demand for Better Drug Delivery Systems

Growing demand for safe and reliable drug delivery systems for diabetic populations is one of the key factors driving developments in the pharmaceutical cartridges market. Efforts of industry players to incorporate automated packaging processes are also boosting the market prospects. Further, clinicians have been expanding their drug delivery systems with the advances being made in sterilization technologies.

Among the various regions, the North America pharmaceutical cartridges market has made its mark prominent on the global scale. Meanwhile, both the Middle East and Africa are emerging as promising regions. Their evolution gained robust force on the back of advances made in pharmaceutical packaging. Demand for technologically-advanced drug delivery systems for both clinicians and patient population in Asia Pacific health care has reinforced the potential for the adoption of new line of products in the pharmaceutical cartridges. Manufacturers in recent years have set their sights on expanding their footprints in the ASEAN region and India. The vast untapped opportunities has attracted them to serve the unmet need for patient populations.

Increasing Applications in Medical Therapeutics to Boost Pharmaceutical Cartridges Market

Growing awareness about the benefits of utilization of pharmaceutical cartridges in the packaging sector is likely to open up new growth opportunities in the global pharmaceutical cartridges market. Some of these benefits are low residual volume of drugs, break-resistance packaging, and safe, correct, and timely delivery of drugs. These benefits are likely to support growth of the global pharmaceutical cartridges market in the years to come. In addition to that, increased prevalence of several chronic diseases, such as oral conditions, diabetes, and arthritis are anticipated to drive the demand for pharmaceutical cartridges. Long-term storage of drugs is likely to emerge as another growth factor for the market in the forthcoming years.

Surging cases of chronic conditions like arthritis and diabetes are anticipated to bolster growth of the global pharmaceutical cartridges market in the near future. In addition, benefits of these cartridges over the traditional ones are anticipated to drive the demand for these cartridges in the forthcoming years. The pharmaceutical cartridges are resistant to damage and have chemical durability, which is likely to work in favor of the market.

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Demand for Long-term Storage of Pharmaceutical Drugs to Foster Market Growth

The ability of offer long-term storage option sans any alteration in the chemical formulation of drugs are anticipated to trigger growth of the global pharmaceutical cartridges market in the near future. Besides, the risk of damage is considerably damage, which ensures smoother operation and hassle-free delivery and transport of drugs. Many leading companies have made considerable investment in the development of advanced pharmaceutical cartridges, which is likely to accentuate demand for pharmaceutical cartridges in the forthcoming years.

Glass has increasingly become a material of choice for the suppliers and manufacturers of pharmaceutical injectables in this market. These manufacturers have been keen on widening the scope of their system of drug delivery in an effort to widen their reach. Adoption of new technologies along with innovations is likely to foster growth of the global pharmaceutical cartridges market in the near future.

Key players operating in the global market for pharmaceutical cartridges include Schott AG, Gerresheimer AG, West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc., Stevanato Group, SGD Pharma, Baxter Healthcare Corporation, Sigma-Aldrich Corporation, Pierrel group and Transcoject GmbH.


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Dental Systems

Injectable Pen Systems


  • Regional Outlook (Revenue, USD Million, 2014 – 2026)
    • North America
      • U.S.
      • Canada
    • Europe
      • U.K.
      • Germany
    • Asia Pacific
      • China
      • Japan
    • Latin America
      • Brazil
      • Mexico
    • MEA
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      • Saudi Arabia

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